IN CONNECTION WITH OUR EDUCATIONAL MISSION we offer high quality instruments and accessories. We started out as a school, then we were a storefront combining lessons, rehearsals, performances and product sales. Now we’re back to being a teaching and rehearsal studio. We’ve continued our relationships with over a dozen suppliers to bring you products that support your musical endeavors. 

WE HAVE EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE of drums, cymbals and percussion. We can help you decide what you need and figure out how to use it. You’re welcome to contact us for free advice with no obligation. 

WE ALSO OFFER guitars, basses, amplifiers and PA systems, along with accessories (cables, strings, tuners, pedals, etc.). If we don’t know about or can’t obtain an item we will refer you to another source. 

MOST OF OUR PRODUCTS are new and available by ordering. We have a few in-stock items, some new and some used. To order, contact us by email or phone us at 802 247-2700. We’ll provide prices, options and additional information. If you’ve already researched an item online let us know pricing and availability. If we can obtain the same or equivalent item, we’ll try to match or come in below quoted prices.  

HERE ARE PHOTOS of some of the items we carry. In stock items are labeled as such. Below the photos is a list of categories and brands we carry. 

CATEGORIESBRANDS (as of Spring, 2021)
Drum sets, individual drums, hardware and accessoriesDixon, Taye, Natal, Gibraltar, Grover Pro Percussion
Cymbals and gongsSabian, Istanbul Mehmet, Bosphorus, Dream
Hand drums and hand percussionToca, Remo, Tycoon, Rhythm Tech, Grover Pro Percussion
Keyboard percussion: glockenspiels, marimbas, vibraphonesPercussion Plus, Innovative Percussion, Vic Firth, MalletKAT, Musser, Deagan
Drum headsAquarian, Evans, Remo
Drumsticks, mallets and beatersVater, Vic Firth, ProMark, Grover Pro Percussion, Innovative Percussion, Mike Balter
Drum bags and casesProtection Racket, TKL, Humes and Berg, Beato
Guitars and bassesJasmine, Palmer and several others
Guitar strings, pedals, tuners and other accessoriesMost major brands
Harmonicas and melodicasHohner, Lee Oskar, Suzuki
AmplifiersHartke, Peavey, Ampeg, others
PA systems & accessoriesJBL, dbTechnologies, Shure, CAD, Audio-Technica, On-Stage, Quik Lok, others
RecordingFocusrite, others

Our mission is to provide music-making opportunities to people of all ages, abilities and levels of experience.