Music for Children

Sally’s Music Circle

For infants through age 5 and their parents/caregivers. Each class consists of songs, activities and instruments that young children love — fingerplay, egg shakers, sticks, scarf dances, lullabies, play-alongs and more. Wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing and be prepared to sing and play with your children.

Sally’s Music Circle at the Brandon Town Library
Each summer from 2007-2019 (free classes taught by Rob Zollman have taken place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10 AM during the month of July. We hope to continue the tradition this summer (TBA).

About Sally’s Music Circle
Sally’s Music Circle was created in 1992 in 
Philadelphia by Dr. Sally Weaver, music learning theorist and co-founder of the Music Together program. Since its inception Sally’s Music Circle has received numerous awards and recognition for giving thousands of children a joyous and fundamentally solid start in music.

Sally’s Music Circle is taught here in Vermont by Rob Zollman. Rob is a SMC certified instructor, teacher trainer and program cofounder. Rob also produced and performed in the 130 song, eight volume collection from which our musical activities are drawn.

Sally’s Music Circle national site

Sound Journeys for "middle age" children

Expression, exploration and playfulness. We sing songs and chants, use movement to develop rhythm and we play percussion instruments. Early activities are improvisational and fun. The journey is more important than the destination. 

Sound Journeys is a gentle transition between joyous music-making in early childhood and the more formal experiences starting in elementary school. Sound Journeys addresses children’s music learning readiness in a respectful, non-intimidating and non-judgmental way. It is a dynamic and inclusive group experience that values and validates each person’s contribution.

The Sound Tree