Immerse Yourself in the Blues

August 11 – 14, 2021

Discover the musician you’ve always dreamt of being






Barring a return to previous Covid-19 protocols, we are going ahead with this fascinating hands-on opportunity for blues musicians everywhere. We’ll start with a limited enrollment and expand it as things open up.

JOIN US in Brandon, Vermont. We’ll take you on a musical journey to understand the roots of where all popular musical styles started – the blues.

From the Delta to Chicago to the mountains of Vermont, the blues are the crossroads where all musicians meet. Rock, rhythm & blues, country, bluegrass and jazz: these styles would not exist without the blues.

Our faculty have a direct lineage to some of the greatest names in the history of blues. As working musicians they honor and respect the traditions, the sharing of knowledge and providing mentorship. A low ratio of participants to faculty allows for individualized, hands-on interaction that gives you the key tools to improve your musicianship.

Activities include solo and band instruction, time for practicing, rehearsals, master classes, coached jam sessions, round table discussions and evening public performances. All events take place at the Compass Music and Arts Center and Brandon Music. Venues and Facilities

Four days and nights of music making that will change how you play and think about music forever, while enjoying great food, lodging and camaraderie. Registration

Please note: This program is designed for ages 18 and up. If you are younger and feel it would be appropriate for you, please contact us.

Our mission is to help you expand your awareness in every area of the blues. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect:

Plenty of opportunities for you to play, rehearse and perform with other participants and faculty.

Hands-on instruction and critiques designed to improve your playing on the spot, including:
– going over each person’s role within blues style and in the band.
– the use of dynamics and nuance. They often receive too little attention.
– small group classes on individual instruments.
– improvisation in solos and the accompaniment. 
– understanding common and uncommon blues forms and progression. 
– reviewing and playing in different feels

Classes and round table discussions on:
– well known artists, including spirited stories playing with them. 
– blues history, evolution of sub styles and their characteristics. 
– authenticity: what it means, and deciding if and when it’s important.

You’ll come away with a personalized experience that inspires you to continue on your path to become the best musician you want to be, while having a blast along the way. 802 247-2700 Brandon, VT
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