Drums & Percussion 
with Rob

BASED ON MY STUDIES with Dr. Edwin Gordon and my decades spent as a musician and educator, I created Whole Music Learning, a teaching philosophy that uses the entire song. This whole-part-whole¬†approach makes music learning accessible.¬†All the musical elements you need to know ‚Äď rhythm, melody, harmony, form, style, etc. ¬†‚Äď are found within the context of a song. We learn the song as a whole first, break it down into the parts necessary to comprehend and play with understanding, then put it back together again into a whole song that we can express in a musically meaningful way.¬†This approach works for every instrument.

Percussion offers the widest palette of sounds making it the ideal point of entry into learning music. 

Private lessons provide a one-on-one opportunity to focus on each student’s individual learning style. Lessons are either one hour, 3/4 ¬†hour or 1/2 hour, depending on age and attention span. Longer lessons permit us to work on multiple instruments ¬†— drum set, hand percussion, keyboard percussion and timpani. We explore rock, blues, jazz and classical styles, playing along at full volume to recorded music and video. Periodically we’ll spend time recording — live and multi-tracking — allowing us to objectively listen to our playing.

With regard to the pandemic, in-person lessons respect current protocols as well as the personal concerns of our students.

On-line instruction is relatively new but necessary during these times. Email or call us at 802 247-2700 to schedule an on-line session and determine the appropriate format. A good internet connection is essential.

We are also working on pre-recorded materials which will remain available beyond the end of the pandemic. Check in with us periodically for updates on our progress.


A proper teaching environment is vital.

We have two studios. Our percussion studio is fully outfitted with two drum sets, marimba, vibes, glockenspiel, chimes, timpani, lots of hand drums percussion and a PA system.

Our rehearsal studio has drums, amplifiers, keyboard, PA system with vocal mics, and many more percussion instruments.

Percussion ensemble can be likened to team sports without the aspect of winning and losing. Much time is spent developing improvisational skills and a group sound, always emphasizing listening and communication. We play the full range of percussion instruments: hand percussion, hand drums, keyboard percussion, timpani and drum set. Ensembles meet for a specific number of weeks culminating in one or more performances. Past groups have played in school assembly programs  and for less formal events at libraries, community centers and outdoor concert venues.

Summer Drum Camp  Inspirational and challenging camp for drummers and percussionists who would like to greatly improve their musical abilities in a short time. Open by invitation or audition.

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